backwoods boy & a fairy tail princess

i feel bad for any man that try’s to fall in love with me after you. you have lied, cheated. you have broken me, you have crushed me. you destroyed my trust. any man after you has to deal with a heart they did not break, be put through hell trying to fix and mend what you have done to me. you have left me, and i have crawled back. i have left you, always changed my mind. but i am no longer so weak, i have left, my mind has not changed, and all though i have my weak days where all i want and miss is you. i must stay strong. and i will. i am taking the power i have given you away, i will no longer wait for your calls, waiting for your kind words in attempt to get me back.

i’m letting a new man in my life, he knows how broken i am because of you, but he doesn’t just see a broken girl, he sees a heart that has loved too much. and all though he has done nothing wrong, i have pushed him away, and brought him back, just to push him away again. he realizes it wont be easy but he is willing to try. he isn’t going to give up on me because he appreciates what you never did.

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